Themed Experience

Using The Past
To Teach The Now
How To Drive The Future.




The Science & Entertainment Exchange - Hollywood's go-to scientific resource - partnered with GreatCo to bridge scientists & filmmakers by celebrating one of the pinnacle moments of their convergence in cinematic history: October 21, 2015 - the day Marty McFly arrives in the future in UNIVERSAL'S BACK TO THE FUTURE II.




We elevated a "mixer" event into a themed immersive experience with the transformation of a DLTA warehouse into Doc Brown's Lab, the Enchantment Under the Sea prom, and landing strip for the DeLorean. The perfect backdrop for world-class scientists to share their knowledge of the future, including the real science behind how to build a time machine. Great Scott! In addition, our sponsors honored special guests, including Academy Award-winning production designer, Rick Carter (BACK TO THE FUTURE, JURASSIC PARK, FORREST GUMP).


Recap Video:


"Traveling into the future isn't actually a scientific problem. It's an engineering problem."

- Clifford Johnson, Professor of Physics at USC


“[GreatCo] brings so much creativity and joy to the process. When you entrust an activation to them, not only do you know that the trains will run on time, but also that there will be a ton of “wow factor”.

— Rick Loverd, Program director, The Science & Entertainment Exchange, National Academy of Science