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Immersive Interactive Theater

Placing Audiences
In Stories To
Play Their Part




A chance meeting in 2014, launched the beginning of a creative partnership between Carl Choi of GreatCo and Jon Braver, the creator of the premiere interactive entertainment experience - Delusion.  They have partnered together on creative projects for Pepsi and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, including co-producing the Fox Horror Rewind interactive theater experience during the 2017 Halloween season. 

In Fall 2018, GreatCo and Delusion embarked on their most ambitious co-production with the launch of Delusion: The Blue Blade, an Indiana Jones meets Blade Runner experience. Delusion: The Blue Blade will immerse fans, adventure seekers and sci-fi enthusiasts in a guided narrative that takes them through the fabric of space and time as members of the Safeguard Society.  Participants will play their part in the story and work together to assist in the search for Professor Evelyn Lowell and The Blue Blade. 




Traditionally, Delusion took place in old mansions with an existing physical framework to fit the storyline.  Delusion: The Blue Blade will be the first time the production  team “built the Delusion world” from scratch inside of an empty theater.  GreatCo brought a vast network of creatives, vendor relationships, and entertainment industry tastemakers to take immersive concept of the world and make it a reality.

GreatCo helped Delusion scale up their production by providing strategic planning, operational structure, financial modeling / management, talent management, business partnerships / negotiations, sponsorship strategy / outreach, social media management, merchandise strategy, production and website / marketing oversight.  Our team of producers are not workers stuck behind our desks, we roll up our sleeves and help in the physical build of the world, including hanging hundreds of yards of erosion cloth, painting sets, coordinating prop placement and documenting the process with photos and video.


For GreatCo’s first original co-production, we chose to partner with Delusion - the world’s premiere immersive theater company.

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The Results:




“If you can imagine a workplace of incredible and diverse talent, efficient collaboration and the most genuinely wonderful people you'll ever meet, then you have arrived at GreatCo. I've found not only great partners here, but family as well. ”

— Jon Braver, Creator of Delusion

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